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Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP)

The CLCLT Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP) is a buyer-driven program that provides additional buying power for buyers to affordably purchase a home of their choice in Minneapolis. 

CLCLT Developments

Over the past several years, the CLCLT has begun building new construction and significantly rehabbing more homes in Minneapolis.

New Houses
House For Sale Sign

CLCLT Resales

Homeowners who previously purchased homes through the CLCLT are ready to move on and decide to list their homes for sale.

CLCLT Partnership Developments

CLCLT partners with numerous for- and non-profit developers who build new construction homes or significantly rehab homes in Minneapolis.

Housing Development
A business meeting

CLCLT Project: Sustained Legacy (P:SL)

The City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT) Project: Sustained Legacy (P:SL) is a program that assists existing homeowners facing potential loss of housing remain in their home through a Community Land Trust intervention. 

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