What's a Member?

A conventional community land trust (CLT) is a nonprofit, community-based organization that works
to provide perpetually affordable homeownership opportunities. In the truest sense, a CLT acquires
land and removes it from the speculative, for-profit real estate market. CLT’s hold the land they own
“in trust” forever for the benefit of the community by ensuring that it will always remain affordable for
CLT’s follow local laws and zoning requirements as well as the organizational bylaws put in place
when the CLT was established. CLT’s are governed by a board of directors that is made up of
community members and CLT homeowners. Members of the CLT elect the board of directors.
There are over 240 CLT’s in the nation today as well as several organizations using the CLT model to
provide affordable homeownership opportunities


Membership Benefits

Many hands make light work



CLT homes are more affordable than homes purchased on the open real estate market because of the CLT affordability assistance provided to homebuyers.