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Homeowner's Stories

See the impact our work has!

Meet Beatrice

It’s a home. We feel like we can stay forever.

Meet Bernadette

I love my home and I'm proud to say I'm a homeowner.

Meet Beth & John

It’s really nice to have a house of your own.  If you want to hang your paintings, you can

Meet Hesham & Helen

This is home now. No more moving.

Meet Vicky

We’re going to be really happy there for a long time.

Meet Will

It’s good to feel like you’re a part of the community. When I rented I wouldn’t meet the neighbors and now I know all the neighbors around the block

Meet Victoria

people are really supportive and want the best for homeowners.

Meet Tiffany

This is an incredible situation to live within  your means and pass on the wealth to the  future, whether it’s my kids or someone else.

Meet Sue

Now I could look at houses that were livable. I couldn’t  have bought a house otherwise

Meet Nathalie

When I told the kids we might have to sell, my 10-year-old started crying. He didn’t want to move. I saw through him how important a house becomes. When you’ve been there 10 years, it means something

Meet Mohammed &

It’s by far the most aggressive, most powerful tool that I know of as far as making sure that home ownership is accessible to everyone

Meet Latanya

I’d been trying to get into a house for a long time, but there was always something that kept it from happening... I didn't think it would happen.

Meet Jeff

Owning a home is great, I can do whatever I want

Meet Jason & Sarah

It really feels like our home; each year we put a little into it and it’s so functional for our family.

1930 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA

(612) 594-7150

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