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Partnership in Property Commercial Land Trust 
Program and Operations Manager 

Partnership in Property Commercial Land Trust (PIPCLT) is seeking an extraordinary program and operations manager to oversee the commercial land trust projects. 

PIPCLT envisions neighborhoods as reflections of the economic, cultural, and social life of its people. Places that anchor, hold, sustain and nurture the health and wealth of a community. Neighborhoods where local BIPOC businesses can grow and thrive, residents claim space through decision-making power and ownership of land, and together are building a vibrant human-centered economy. 


The MISSION of PIPCLT is to (re)develop and preserve long-term affordable commercial spaces through community driven ownership of land. 


  • Equity: Race is a factor in our community; we work to explicitly address racial, gender, and economic disparities in our community. All decisions will be made using an intersectional equity lens or framework. We strive to create a new narrative as we strengthen community assets. 


  • Community driven ownership: Commercial Land Trusts (CLT) define land as being “community owned” because the land, asset or facility is entirely owned and managed by a community-based membership organization. 


  • Community engagement and organizing: We believe that truly participatory community engagement involves shared learning and that decision making builds trust and will yield the highest impact for the community served. The power to make decisions should include those most impacted. Community should be engaged throughout the development process from property selection to tenant selection. 


  • Anti-displacement: Displacement of community-owned businesses has psychological impacts on residents. We will use our resources to preserve and create affordable commercial spaces indefinitely. CLTs use long-term community ownership of land through a 99-year ground lease agreement, which has demonstrated effectiveness in combating displacement of occupants. 


The Program and Operations Manager is to provide vision and leadership around internal
infrastructure centering our organizational values. Specifically, this person is responsible for program development and management, fundraising, Board administrative support, and internal operations management. This position reports directly to the Executive Director. 

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN 
SALARY: $65,000-$80,000 
TYPE: Full-Time 
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