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1. Look up your property on this Mapping Prejudice Tool to see if a covenant was found on your deed. 

2.     If it was, and you live in Minneapolis, go to Just Deeds Minneapolis where you can fill out a form to receive free support to have your covenant discharged from your deed.


3.      Purchase a lawn sign and receive a free artist print and pick it up at one of our many pick-up locations held throughout the summer.

4.     Display your lawn sign through the end of September to offer people the chance to see and feel the history of this discriminatory lending practice. 

5.     If you discover that your home did not have a racial covenant, we still encourage you to purchase an artist print and interact with this project’s resources with your family and community. 

6.     Whether your home had a covenant or not, you can still fill out THIS FORM to become a supporter of the African American Community Land Trust and practice reparations through financially contributing the AACLT down payment assistance fund. 

Use the Magnifying glass to find your exact address here