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There is a direct correlation between Community Development in Minneapolis and the success of kids attending Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).  Research conducted and release through the Spring 2011 CURA Reporter titled “Unraveling of the American Dream” by Ryan Allen http://www.cura.umn.edu/publications/catalog/reporter-41-1-0  truly provides evidence of the mutual impact of one system on another.  It also provides more evidence (not that more is needed!) of the continued racial disparities that exist in our Minneapolis neighborhoods.  Some of the research worth noting:


·         39.4% of foreclosures in the recent study affected a household with a child in MPS.

·         80% of those foreclosure households with a child in MPS were either Hispanic or Black households.

·         Recommendation that MPS could play a stronger role in communication with households facing foreclosure given their existing relationship with families.


There are so many disturbing items that are revealed through this research.  Most disturbing is the lack of noise and concern about what is revealed by policymakers.    In a meeting a few weeks back, I learned about one Minneapolis elementary school where only 25% of the kids who started the school year were still at the school at year end.  That means that 75% of the school population moved in a 9 month period.  We can’t expect our educational system nor kids to succeed if they don’t have stability.  Just this week, MN was awarded federal funds for the Race to the Top program and the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) was awarded significant funding to focus on a significantly impacted area of North Minneapolis.  These added infustions of funding should hopefully assist on the educational side, but we need to make sure we are working across our silos and recognize that housing and education directly correlate and impact one another.

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