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In order to qualify for acceptance into a CLCLT program, you must earn less than 80% of the area median income which varies based on your household size. Income is based on the household’s gross annual income and all individuals 18+ years living in the home must supply income documentation. The 80% income limits for household size are as follows:

Household Size          Income Limit

1                              $57,920

2                              $66,240

3                              $74,480

4                              $82,720

5                              $89,360

6                              $96,000

7                              $102,640

8                              $109,200

Benefits of Owning a CLT Home


CLCLT homes are more affordable than homes purchased on the open real estate market because CLCLT provides affordability assistance to its homebuyers. The CLCLT’s affordability assistance reduces the amount of financing the buyer must obtain in order to purchase a home.


Consistent and affordable mortgage principal and interest payments.


CLCLT homeowners are members of the CLCLT for as long as they own their CLCLT homes. As part of this larger community, they can choose to participate in the CLCLT community through voting, volunteering, and becoming a CLCLT board member.


CLCLT homebuyers have the support of CLCLT and its staff as long as they own their homes. CLCLT provides a wide array of support to its homeowners – from informational newsletters to hands-on home improvement workshops. The CLCLT is also available to help homeowners in dealing with financial problems and foreclosure prevention.


Homeownership provides stable housing costs and security from eviction. With this stability, homeowners have a solid foundation that can allow them to pursue other dreams such as going back to school or opening a small business.


CLCLT homeownership provides households stability and security not found with renting. CLCLT homeowners have control of their housing with stable monthly housing payments, security from eviction, and the opportunity to accumulate both earned equity and market equity. CLCLT homeowners can also take advantage of income tax deductions for their property taxes and the interest paid on their mortgage.

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