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“It was like a home makeover, but we didn’t even have the home to start with,” said Bob Mingo, a new Project: Reclaim homeowner. Amy and Bob Mingo purchased their home in North Minneapolis in the fall of 2010 through a partnership with Urban Homeworks (UHW) and the CLCLT.

Amy and Bob have spent the last months settling into their home and are grateful to live in space that is comfortable and meets their needs. Nearly 10 years ago, Bob was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a hereditary disease thatweakens muscles. At the time, they were living in a 2nd floor apartment. Prior to his diagnosis, Bob could walk up the stairs carrying bags of groceries, but within 6 months of living there he said,”I needed to pull myself up with the railing.”

With the disease progressing, Bob found himself in a wheelchair and the couple moved into a handicap accessible apartment. Bob was also told he could no longer work because it would be damaging to his health. Having worked his entire life, this was devastating to Bob.

At the same time, Amy was working at Wells Fargo and finding herself more worried each day about Bob being at home alone. Together they decided it would be best for her to leave her job and be home with Bob. For four months they lived on the savings they had, but were very thankful when they found out Amy could be paid to be Bob’s Personal Care Attendant. This gave them the ease of mind and financial assistance they needed.

Still, their apartment was unsafe for Bob. Even though some accommodations were made, it was not fully handicap accessible. This is when they heard about UHW and were told of Project: Reclaim, a contract for deed program that rehabs homes and assists families to improve their credit score with a credit enhancement plan. After some time, UHW found a home that could be renovated to have all of Bob’s living needs on the main floor. In a few months time, the rehab was complete, and Amy and Bob were able to move into a home that was designed specifically for Bob’s needs. Amy and Bob are also happy to be in North Minneapolis where Bob grew up and felt a strong pull to return.

Amy and Bob are excited about their home and say there’s an open invitation to stop by anytime. In fact, they have already taken in a community member that needed a home as the result of financial challenges.

Thriving in their new home, Bob is now working on his second poetry book where he shares how he was able to change his attitude into something positive after dealing with a difficult situation. Amy is working as a freelance photographer, and they are both invested in their community, seeking opportunities to make it a better place.

Amy and Bob expressed thanks to UHW and the CLCLT for not being overwhelmed by problems but instead picking a place to start and working on a solution. It is a way of thinking that, seems much more like a way of life for Amy and Bob as they continually find a way to overcome new challenges they face everyday.

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