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A couple of years ago I was fortunate to be connected to Little Earth of United Tribes (LEUT).  From that moment forward, the experiences and relationships have only become more meaningful to the CLCLT and to me personally.  The short of the long is the CLCLT is working with LEUT, the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation, the City of Minneapolis and serveral other great philanthropic partners to create the first five targeted Native American homeownership opportunities on the EM Stately Street in South Minneapolis (just South of LEUT).  We hope and believe these will be the first five of many more opportunities that will surface with LEUT in creating ownership opportunities for households that may have never even thought homeownership was a possibility. 

The relationship with the Native American community is so incrediblly critical to make this partnership happen.  Bill, Jay, Wahbon, Ethan and others at LEUT have opened so many doors for the CLCLT to work toward creating relationships with households at LEUT and beyond.  We are incredibly excited about the upcoming completion of the first homes (see images) and are encouraged by the heavy initial interest by residents in the community.  The homes will be sold for $120,000* and should be ready by early 2013.

Personally, I don’t know if I’ve ever been involved in something that has the potential to be so transformative for households, the block, the community and myself.



*Note:  these homes can be purchased by anyone, but some of the funds are funder designated to serve households with Tribal affiliations.

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