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CLCLT Homeowner Margaret Zadra grew up in the Iron Range of Minnesota but has been in the Twin Cities for most of her adult life. Margaret purchased her CLCLT home in December of 2010 on the Northside of Minneapolis. “I wanted stability and I wanted my kid to have a yard,” said Margaret.  Now she said they live in a good neighborhood with a yard for the same price as they were paying for rent. “It’s amazing how a stable place to live carries out into the rest of your life and makes it easier,” said Margaret.

Margaret originally attended the University of Minnesota majoring in pre-med and dance but decided to take a break from her studies to focus on her activism work dealing with indigenous rights, women’s rights, and environmental issues. After a few years, she decided it was time to go back to school. She attended St. Catherine University in an adult studies program where she received a degree in Social Work this past June! While attending school, Margaret had the opportunity to intern at the St. Stephen’s Shelter where she worked to make sure guests had everything they needed, checked in with them and provided resources. For Margaret’s senior internship, she worked as a school social work intern at MNIC High School’s North Minneapolis campus. Margaret loved working with the kids and felt she was able to develop a stronger relationship with them because she lived in their community, and they felt she was a part of it.

Currently Margaret is busy with a non-profit she helped to start in 2009 called the World Youth Movement on the island of Roatan off of Honduras. The island is a popular destination stop for cruise ships but also is home to many locals living in extreme poverty with many health challenges such as HIV. There are no government social services, so they all must be provided by non-profits and NGO’s. The World Youth Movement provides a number of opportunities for local youth. The first is school sponsorships to help youth go onto school after sixth grade, as it is only free until then. They also have a basketball team that kids can participate in if they commit to staying off the streets, not doing drugs, and getting good grades. “The kids live and breathe basketball, so this has been a great way to get them involved,” said Margaret. The organization also has a girls group that focuses on self awareness and healthy living. Their main program though is a basic education class about healthy relationships and sex education that first engages adults and then involves a six-week class with their children. Margaret has been to the island 3 times for 3 months at a time where she is able to work directly with the youth. While in the States Margaret focuses on program development, communication, and fundraising.

Margaret is also very involved in the current election. She has been volunteering for the Raymond Dehn campaign to get out the vote through door knocking. She said it has been a great experience though she was nervous about door knocking at first. Margaret found it has been a great way to get to know her neighbors and her community better. “Most people have been very welcoming,” said Margaret. Her son has been tagging along and enjoys the experience as well.

Though Margaret is quite busy with her non-profit work and her political work, she still plans to go back to  school for a Master of Social Work in the near future, so she can continue her work as a school social worker and continue to give back to her community.

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