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Last week was a tough one for me.  A long-term funder of the CLCLT decided to not fund us this time around.  The news was a bit overwhelming for me, took me by surprise, and definitely knocked some sense into me.  I know we’ll get through get through it and the challenges presented by the loss of funding will create new opportunities for us. The loss of this funding did make me reflect on my assumptions about how funders, policymakers and other stakeholders think about the CLCLT and Community Land Trust as an effective and efficient way to create and ensure affordable homeownership.  It made me realize we need to better communicate the benefits back to the greater community.

As I had mentioned in previous posts, we’ve now been around for 10 years, have assisted almost 150 households into homeownership, and have matured into a bona fide organization with some capaciy and a decent reputation.  We were “crawling” for our first years as we first began the organization, then got up “off our knees” and were able to develop programs, practices, and relationships to a place that created a stronger reputation for the CLCLT, and we are finally getting comfortable “walking” today.  Now is the time for us to tout the many benefits of Community Land Trust homeownership in Minneapolis and try to better influence housing policy decisions in at the local and regional level. We’re continuing to document the positive impact affordable, responsible, sustainable homewonership is making on the lives of CLCLT homeowners, our Minneapolis neighborhoods, and the funders who invest in the CLCLT.  By “going public”, I need to be more vocal to those making the important decisions in our community.  We will need the support of stakeholders and friends to make this happen – I thank you in advance!

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