Engaged Homeowners = Better Policy

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I’ve commented in previous posts about how important homeowner engagement in the community is to the CLCLT mission.  We recognize that the opportunity to connect with a household during their homebuying process creates a partnership which allows us a chance to deepen the conversation with homeowners and engage them in things that most matter to them in thier lives.  It’s amazing to see all of those households represent dots on a map of Minneapolis and see how many City Council, County Commissioner, and House/Senate districts are now represented by CLCLT homeowners. 

  • Eleven of thirteen Minneapolis Council Members have CLCLT homeowners living in their districts.
  • All four of the County Commissioners with districts in Minneapolis have CLCLT homeowners living in their Districts. 
  • There is at least one CLCLT homeowners living in every State Senate District covering Minneapolis.
  • All but two of the MN State Representatives with Districts in Minneapolis have homeowner(s) living in their Districts.

The CLCLT has and will continue to create opportunties for CLCLT homeowners to voice and weigh in with their elected officials on the issues that are important to them and their communities.  If this happens, I’m sure we’ll be heading in the right direction on so many fronts.

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