CLCLT Advocates for $20 Million in City Investment

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“I believe all [citizens of Minneapolis] should be able to become homeowners…and they deserve to have safe, comfortable homes. CLCLT and the rehab assistance they provide after closing make this possible.” ~ CLCLT Homeowner

This past year has been amazing for the CLCLT. In 2014 we were awarded $1.1 million from Minnesota Housing, $150,000 from Metropolitan Council Local Housing, and $580,000 from Hennepin County Affordable Housing Incentive Fund (AHIF). These funds will create numerous homebuyer opportunities in 2015, primarily through our Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP).

In the past, the City of Minneapolis has provided funding to support the rehab and deferred maintenance work on HIP homes which has been instrumental in maintaining the affordability of the homes while also ensuring they are safe for our homeowners. This support from the City of Minneapolis has been critical to the success of the CLCLT and the homeowners who’ve purchased homes through the program.

This past fall, it became increasingly clear that the city was pulling back on its investments in affordable homeownership. Conversations with the CLCLT Board of Directors, potential buyers, and existing homeowners made it evident to the CLCLT that it needed to share the incredible impacts made through these investments in families and our communities. Over the past several weeks, dozens of homeowners have shared their stories and experiences with City Council Members and the Mayor. The response from homeowners has been awesome and overwhelming!

“The CLCLT’s request to the City of Minneapolis for critical funding for this rehab program should be a priority in the city’s affordable housing policy. It will help secure the aging housing stock in many future HIP homes and it will secure first-time homebuyer’s financial situation in the year following a home purchase.”

“I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t own my house, thanks to the CLCLT, and thanks to all the work that was put into it after I owned it. I definitely wouldn’t be as financially stable as I am, and in turn wouldn’t be able to be as involved in community activities as I am.”

According to Executive Director, Jeff Washburne, this time “has been one of the most rewarding and inspiring” that he has had in his 12-year tenure at the CLCLT. We wish to thank each and every homeowner who took the time to call, send an e-mail, or provide in-person testimony ~ all in support of our mission!

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