“I Love Minneapolis!”

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March 2014 marked a milestone in the history of the CLCLT – the sale of its first ever, soley developed property. The household that purchased the home on Sheridan Avenue North is that of Toyia Verdell and her two daughters, Tamaria and Ta’Rya, ages 16 and 9.

Toyia was unfamiliar with the CLCLT and its mission until she found the listing for the home on a public property-listing site. This prompted Toyia to research the CLCLT whereupon she discovered “you guys were all over the place.” Toyia also didn’t realize the publicity that would come with purchasing this particular home when in January of 2014 the CLCLT hosted an open house that was attended by many city, county and state employees and elected officials, including Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, Senator Al Franken and State Representative Raymond Dehn. Toyia said the experience was somewhat unnerving due to the large number of people present, but in the end it was an experience she will not regret. “Everyone was here to support us and our house.” Toyia also mentioned how much she enjoyed meeting the individuals who actually worked on the rehab of the property.

When asked what drew Toyia back to the North Minneapolis area after having rented in the northwest suburbs prior to homeownership, Toyia stated, “I love Minneapolis. I grew up here. It’s beautiful. I think it’s still family-oriented.” Toyia also pointed out that on her block the other homeowners take great pride in their homes as well as in their community at-large by maintaining their homes and lawns, hosting family get-togethers, and planning and hosting neighborhood events. Toyia recognizes that this community-based attitude is not the case for other blocks in her area, but she refuses to give up on the idea of community stabilization and improvement. “Being born and raised here I know what Minneapolis is capable of and I want to see [the city] get back there.”


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